HB632 HD1 Relating to Open Data

The first draft of HB632 HD1 Relating to Open Data is now online for your review. It better defines what open data is and which datasets are considered under this open data bill. The schedule for rule making is set for July 1, 2015 to give time for the process. There is also added language for an appropriation for headcount and $$ requested by the Office of Information Practices. Thanks to Rep. Angus McKelvey and his staff for drafting the bill and helping to get this through their CPC committee. Next stop, the JUD committee. And after that it still needs to go to the House FIN committee. If the bill survives then it crosses over to the Senate. It’s a long road but at least we are still alive.

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2 comments on “HB632 HD1 Relating to Open Data

  1. Sad news via The Atlantic Cities about the death of EveryBlock after only 5 years of existence.
    The site – a pioneer of hyperlocal news (neighborhood, block) helped push the movement for open civic data.
    Keep up the good work promoting our own Hawaii efforts!

    Atlantic Cities article – – http://www.theatlanticcities.com/neighborhoods/2013/02/end-everyblock/4632/)
    EveryBlock aloha page – http://blog.everyblock.com/2013/feb/07/goodbye/

  2. Somewhat sad news – via The Atlantic Cities – about the death of EveryBlock.

    EveryBlock was a pioneer in “hyperlocal news” and helped to push demand for open civic data – now that so many cities are making more data available via their own platforms, EveryBlock has been closed down (by new owner NBC…yeah, the TV company)


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