Red Hill Administrative Order #opendata

July 20th was the deadline for public comment on the Red Hill Fuel Tank Administrative Order. The EPA and State Dept of Health sought feedback from the public regarding the fuel tank storage tanks and plans to minimize the fuel leaks from the tanks. It is now up to the EPA and DOH to decide whether or not to sign the Administrative Order on Consent with the U.S. Navy to make it effective or to modify it base on information received during the public comment period.

The Board of Water Supply released the following comments and a summary of the comments on July 20, 2015:

Here is testimony from Ernest Lau, Manager and Chief Engineer at the Board of Water Supply at the June 18, 2015 public meeting.

Hawaii Open Data, helped to make many of the documents relating to the Red Hill Fuel Tank project, accessible to the public. This is important in that the bulk of these documents were not going to be make electronically available and only physically accessible to the public.

The document repository contains more that 400 documents that are text searchable. The original files were pdf scans which we were able to OCR and make text searches available. This historical archive provides easy access to the large body of work that reveals the fuel tanks leaks and the potential effects on the Moanalua-Waimalu aquifer affecting 25% of Oahu’s population.

Update – Oct. 24, 2017: Since we piloted the document repository for the Board of Water Supply, they’ve since moved most of the documents onto their own servers and added updates on the Red Hill fuel tank facility with additional links and resources. The Hawaii Open Data site supporting the Red Hill document repository has since been taken down.

The EPS has also aggregated much of their information on this site.

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