Open Data Featured at Wetware Wednesday


The next “WetWare Wednesday” networking event, organized by the High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), will feature City & County of Honolulu Deputy Director of Information Technology Forest Frizzell and State of Hawaii Chief Information Officer Sonny Bhagowalia. The theme is: “Hawaii Open Data – All Access,” and Hawaii Open Data will also participate.

Bhagowalia has 26 years of experience in industry and the federal government in technical, management and executive leadership capacity transforming organizations using Information Technology (IT), Information Resource Management (IRM) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) to achieve mission success and business value. He has served in world-class organizations such as Boeing, DOJ (FBI), DOI and GSA, and served customers such as NASA, and defense and other civilian agencies while at Boeing.

Local software developers and system engineers (as well students and instructors in related fields) are encouraged to come and share their thoughts on transforming government through open data.

WetWare Wednesday will be held on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at theVenue @ bambuTwo, located at 1144 Bethel Street in downtown Honolulu. Admission is free, $3 discount parking available at Mark’s Garage. There will be pupus and no-host drinks, but you’ll need to RSVP.

For more information, connect with WetWare Wednesday on Facebook.

About Ryan

Ryan has been an advocate for open data policies and practices since studying and practicing journalism at the University of Hawaii, and in the years since as an independent publisher and blogger. He set up the Hawaii Open Data Project in 2011, prior to co-founding the non-profit Hawaii Open Data the following year.

6 comments on “Open Data Featured at Wetware Wednesday

  1. Med-Quest Ace changed it’s name to a new name. How do I find this name? Also, Med-Quest Ace changed it’s services limits from limited to unlimited. Where is this announcement made? I cannot find it on the Med-Quest website.

  2. I guess this is the announcement but the letter is not clear and does not speak to the citizen in consumer terms. Kaiser would be an example of over-dumbing it’s information. Can we find a balance????!!!! Hawaii?


    Yet the first paragraph says only, “The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have approved Hawai‘i’s request to reduce the
    eligibility income limit for its QUEST-ACE and QUEST-Net programs to 133 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL), or $16,678 per year for a single adult.”

    In school they teach you should have the topics that will be covered in the paper. This letter which I had to search for and that was not mailed to me, starts off talking about income limits.

    We don’t learn about the 2nd topic of the letter until the 2nd to last paragraph:

    “As a result of the eligibility reduction, an estimated 3,500 people may lose their health coverage on July
    1, 2012. However, with the concurrent increase in QUEST-ACE asset limits from $2,000 to $5,000 for a
    single adult, as many as 12,000 individuals will receive a significant increase in benefits, including
    unlimited outpatient visits and unlimited prescription drugs. All adult QUEST, QUEST-ACE, and
    QUEST-Net members will receive the QUEST-Adult benefits package beginning July 1, 2012. ”

    This should have been the first paragraph.

  3. When big changes like this happen, everyone who is a member should receive an email. They should receive a letter whether or not they will be affected, because they may in the future be affected.

    Only Med-Quest members currently were sent letter regarding this important announcement of eligibility limits.

    Med-Quest members who was on ACE should have received a letter and an email stating that their benefits are changing from 12 doctor visits per year to unlimited doctors visits per year. Because that is a big change.

    Do you think?

  4. Also Aloha Care Directory does not distinguish between doctors who accept Med-Quest and those who do not. They make it look like we have all these choices, but after an hour or two on the phone, Hawaii’s amazing health care is only accepted by Government Medical Clinincs and a few random docs. Aloha Care is probably the worst in communication.

    I received a bill from them recently that said there was a claim for a denied service. The denied service was only 3 words. Community Support Services. I have no idea what that service is. Would it kill them to be more descriptive. When they are going to get $325 from me or my clinic, why can’t they spend a little more time speaking English and not “Bill you” glish??!!

  5. What if each government website/agency got a “Get Satisfaction” account, so that people could submit their input anonymously and conveniently?

  6. Like on each gov website like med-quest, have a get satisfaction button that goes their account. Then Code America volunteers must have access to this information. I do not trust that the agencies will do anything about citizen’s input.

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